ZoomTrader Review

ZoomTrader Review | Binary Options Broker

Company Name Regulation US Clients Payout Min. Deposit Bonus Special Offer
Up to 95%  Up to 30% or $5,000
81% (86% VIP) $250 Up to 80%
81% - 89% $250 Up to 75%


Zoomtrader.com Review - Unique Features




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Zoomtrader.com is supported by TradoLogic online trading engine. You will be surprise and excite to see their tools that are hardly visible at any other broker firm. You can opt from a number of view modes such as multiple, classic or single view mode. It offers direct updates from market at their trading screen so you can trade accordingly and fill your pocket as most as you can. This is customer friendly, they offer features like "Close Now" & "Extend Now", according to these features if you think markets is not running as you thought, then you can close your deal at any certain point. You can even lock your profit or you can even use extend now and extend your expiry date till next expiry period. This online broker firm is user-friendly and very easy on trading.

Overall, Zoomtrader.com

Considering their professionalism, various high bonuses, promotional discounts, unique features and their user-friendly & easy trading system makes them better than traditional online binary options broker.


What makes this company better than traditional online binary options broker?

Zoomtrader.com is a true example of professionalism; it is the smartest and safest way to trade in online binary options. They are different from other online binary options broker and things that stand them apart are their multiple trading platforms, superb payouts and attractive welcome bonus. Let's discuss what makes them better than traditional online binary options broker?

Discounts through bonus and promotional activity


Zoomtrader.com is definitely run by very generous people because they offer huge bonus and even promotional events. You can get huge discount on your first deposit that can be up to 50% and this is not it, along with that you can also get 100% bonus under their weekly promotion activity. Under a promotional activity you will also get free entry in their weekly prize draws where you can win cash prizes, ipods and even exotic holidays.


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Zoomtrader Company is new, but giving strong competition to rivals

Zoomtrader is the newest entry in the field of binary options trading; it was introduced in the year 2012 and based in Mahe, Seycheslles. Being a newest broker their services are very impressive, they offer a wide range of financial techniques that enable its clients to make the most of the profit. Their average payout is 80%. Besides big returns, this broker company doesn't charge any amount as commission on transactions. While trading with them you can get discount on first deposit and that can be up to $1250. Zoomtrader Company is new, but giving strong competition to rivals.

A look at trade offer and trading account

While dealing with this broker firm you will get a chance to deal in multiple trades. They provide multiple trades like classic high or low binary options, One Touch Options, Range Options, Double Touch Options and Turbo Options. You will not find a few of these trades anywhere else. This broker firm is thinks different from other regular broker firms, you can estimate it by the fact that they offer five types of trading accounts such as Mini (minimum deposit $100), Bronze (minimum deposit $250), Silver (minimum deposit $500), Gold (minimum deposit $1000) and Platinum (minimum deposit $5000 or above).

Impressive services, backup and payout

It is just around one year and they have reputation of superb payout. This broker firm's average payout is 80%, although till the date their highest payout is 84%. Besides their customer service is amazing, you will get their customer service on various languages from Arabic to Chinese, Italian to Korean, and Spanish to Turkish. They provide their backup 24/7 via live chat, online form and even through email.

Overall, Zoomtrader Company

Although they are new, but considering their welcome bonus, huge payouts, multiple trades & trading accounts and their customer care services in multiple languages, they are definitely standing out in the field of binary options broker. This broker company can surely do more than your expectation.

What are the best trading strategies of Zoomtrader?

While dealing with Zoomtrader binary options broker, you can surely make bank full of money, we can say that by considering their expected trading strategies. You can a find few trading strategies that they offer to guide their clients. This broker firm believes that binary options are not about predictions; it requires technical information and statistics calculation. Considering that they have made some strategies that are easy to understand and very convenient in execution. Among various strategies there are few strategies that are preferred by their clients. Let's discuss what are the best trading strategies of Zoomtrader?

Charts and graph based on calculation of market position

Zoomtrader's best and most preferred strategies are graphs and charts that they offer periodically. These charts & graphs are based on multiple calculations, their professional employs go through various transactions that happened in last 10 to 12 days and then they prepared these graphs that have long been proved themselves a great assistance for traders. This particular strategy made by keeping in mind the convenience of traders as they don't have to do much calculation and just after a quick look they will understand how they need to trade to make huge profits. Remember, this strategy will only work if you can understand graphs & charts.

Strategies based on formula

Another best & most consumed strategy are based on various formulas and patterns. Professional workers of Zoomtrader broker have prepared these formulas after along calculation and studies. Unlike previous strategies these formulas require your efforts; you need to go through various calculations before trading in binary options. Of course this strategy is tough, but its results are amazing and that's the reason a huge number of Zoomtrader clients use this strategy. With a little focus & dedication you can master yourself in this strategy and then you can also make huge profits, just like other traders.

These binary options strategies can make you richer; all you need to do is show a little dedication and learn to use these strategies. ** for more strategies visit - http://www.Strategy-Binary-Options.com